Not that I believe that anyone should, but if you do feel like contributing to my eternal happiness, then you could do worse than looking through my Wish Lists. They are mostly Amazon, though some items point elsewhere, and broken up into sub-lists for convenience. I built them mostly as reminders to myself and so I can keep an eye on prices, but they have served me well for birthdays and Christmas &c.

  • Amazon Wish Lists:
    • BluRay & DVD – I like sets, so they trump individual movies, especially if they are the same price!
    • Books – Kindle (or other ebook format – ask first) or dead tree, in most cases I don’t mind.
    • Clothes – Speaks for itself, several of the links here are to other stores without their own wishlists.
    • Electronics – Computer parts, accessories and gadgets.
    • Camera AccessoriesFor Canon EOS 1100D.
    • Household:
    • Other (Unsorted)
  • Steam Wish List – I like games!

My birthday is in early September.