As you’ll know I was rather panicky yesterday about my impending interview at the JCP today. Well, as it turned out, I needn’t have worried, at least not for the moment.

So because of the tube strike, I had to leave early to get there. Not because I couldn’t take the tube, because I can’t afford to use the tube unless it’s really urgent (or someone else is paying), but because of the crowds. Now, I would have considered cycling, but my knee collapsed on Friday and I don’t trust it to carry my the distance, let alone ride a bicycle, though it’s improving so maybe by the weekend…

Anyway, having done a sardine impression on a crowded bus, I made it there to be told that as far as they are aware (they being the local staff), then it didn’t apply to me, just to new people.  I’m not sure I believe that entirely. It sounds like they just don’t know who it applies to or will apply to.  At least I’m ok for now.

I got a follow up from a recruiter too today, so with luck I may get a job interview… though of course I wouldn’t be able to get there due to the tube strike. Oh well, one day I might aspire to earn as much as they do now, but I never have before.