It’s been a funny weekend!

Friday night, Louise and I went out playing Ingress instead of our usual entertainments. It was fun but exhausting and we were both glad to get home and off our feet afterwards.

Saturday, we stayed in and watched (among other things) the first two Underworld movies (Underworld and Underworld: Evolution) in between trips to the local supermarket for beer and snacks. It was lots of tipsy, snuggly fun.

On Sunday, Louise went off to visit her parents so I only had myself to cook for, which was fine if a bit weird. Unfortunately, I had a few too many drinks, and was sick overnight. Fortunately I was mostly recovered by the time Louise got home on Monday. Even so, I vastly miscalculated the amount of spice in our dinner and what was meant to be a mildly spicy minced beef dish turned out to be insanely hot. I’m not certain that Louise is quite recovered even now. Afterwards, we watched the last two Underworld movies (Rise of The Lycans and Underworld: Awakening) and sticking with the werewolf theme, The Wolfman. Not as scary as the cover blurb would have us believe.

All in all, apart from my getting drunk and making myself ill, it was a fitting end to Louise’s week off work. The real pity is the messed up trains today which didn’t help her journey. Oh well, perhaps I can make it up to her tonight.