Category: Indoor Plants


The chillies were growing really well, and yesterday I transplanted the four Cayennes into a huge pot. Unfortunately, some of the roots were damaged in the process, and so they look a bit droopy today. I hope they recover.

The smaller habanero plants remain in the hydroponic unit.

Day 28

Chilli Plants
Young chilli plants (about 28 days old) growing hydroponically in a red container.

The chillis are now a month old, and today was the first changing of water and pump cleaning. They appear to be growing well.

Day 18

Two and a half weeks in and all the pots have at least one plant growing now, some have two. There’s one that’s far behind, and still has a plastic mini-greenhouse over it, but that should come off tomorrow or Sunday when the leaves start to properly spread out.

Day 7

Just a quickie to note that on day 7 of trying to grow chilli plants hydroponically, I have noticed sprouting in 2 of the Cayennes. It’s very difficult to see what’s going on under the growing caps there, so there might be movement in some of the others, but I don’t want to disturb them yet to find out. I will update as and when I see any changes.