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“Searching for work will be my full time occupation now”

“Searching for work will be my full time occupation now”

This is written in nice big clear letters on my job seeker’s handbook, because as everyone knows, the unemployed are lazy, feckless scroungers who need to be constantly watched and who would not even turn up to interviews unless pushed. Or at least, this is what we’re constantly told by the media and government. The reality of course is somewhat different. (more…)

That Friday Feeling…

Isn’t Friday supposed to feel good? You know, the end of the week, time to let your hair down (assuming that you have hair) and relax? Because if so, I must be doing something wrong.

I had planned to be out early, to get done all the chores that I needed to do and to enjoy the weather, possibly playing some Ingress along the way. Instead, I’m sitting here waiting to hear the result of an interview from Wednesday. I am of course, pretty much resigned to the fact that I didn’t get the job. I mean they told me I’d probably hear by the end of the day, and it’s now two days later and nothing. I emailed them yesterday to ask if a decision had been made, or if I could get any feedback on the interview, but it’s as if they dropped off the face of the earth.

I know, I know, no news is good news. Maybe they’re still sorting and haven’t rejected me yet, but it’s hard not to feel despondent about it. Maybe I’m just to used to disappointment.

On the other hand, Louise will be home in a few hours, and there’s always the possibility of Friday night drinks, be it just the two of us, or with a larger group. Who knows, maybe things will get better.

Good news!

Well good-ish anyway.

I have a job interview this week. Not going to share any more at this stage of course… It’s something at least though, the first in a while.  And the company looks like it’d be a fun place to work – if busy.

More later when I have something more concrete to share.