So it’s just after 7.30am, and I’ve almost finished my coffee. The news on Radio 4 is all about how prices are going up and how sports personalities earn about a gazilion pounds a minute… just about enough for a deposit on a house… while on facebook, nearly 2000 people apply for 8 minimum wage jobs at a high street coffee shop. This is, I am informed, economic recovery!

Job seeking in my own life is as bad. Yesterday morning an agent called me about a job, and said they’d send me details so could I reply by close of business yesterday. As of the time of writing, I am still waiting.

There is a huge problem with agencies not following up, and I think the problem extends to JCP too. Tuesday I had to attend the JobCentre, and got the 3rd degree about why I did not attend last Friday… until that is, I pointed out that if I hadn’t, then how exactly were there interview notes on my record? They couldn’t explain that and decided to just fix it. It’s a blame culture there, and it is the victims of the DWP who get blamed.

I was even told last week by a recruiter that all the qualifications in the world would make no difference if I didn’t have recent commercial experience. This meant that learning and training in new technologies wouldn’t matter a bit if I’m not learning at work. I was flabbergasted to say the least.

It doesn’t stop me trying, of course, but it makes it harder to keep going.

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