Nebulous Diversions

    Commander’s Log: 3303-01-21, NGC 6357 Sector HX-K B8-7, 8,227 light years from Sol.

    2017.01.21 (Sat) 19.39 Prieluia RI-J b23-2 .png

    Took a diversion on the way home to visit the NGC 6357 Nebula. It was rather pretty, especially on the approach, but unfortunately too faint to get good pictures from within.

    2017.01.21 (Sat) 19.58 Prieluia AF-Z b14-4 .png

    Still, plenty of exploration data to be had, and a few more water worlds. In fact, one system had 3 of them very close together. And now on to new things closer to home, with a visit to the Cat’s Paw Nebula tomorrow, with a bit of luck.

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