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The NPCs – Part 2 – Stranded

Day 3: My scanners have detected what seems to be a settlement of some kind. I’m going in, not much choice, if I don’t land soon then I’ll be stuck. It’s not far, and I should be able to land close. It’s the 3rd moon of the only planet in system. (more…)

The NPCs – Part 1 – Fergie

Lt. Fergie Lance sat in the bar, nursing her beer. It wasn’t a bad brew, to be sure, but it just went to highlight how badly the rest of her day had gone. Another ship lost, another fine from the Federation Navy. “If only they’d let me visit the engineers” she thought, “it might have been different”. (more…)

The Parrot’s Head

Commander’s Log: 3303-02-18, Parrot’s Head Sector VJ-R B4-1, 1,013.39 light years from Sol.

Mission – Take the famous explorer Karyme McLaughlin and crew to visit an Earthlike world orbiting a neutron star, about 14,000 LY in towards the core.