If there is one thing that gives me more headaches than unemployment, then it is the impending threat of HS2. It’s hard enough to find work and survive a course of NHS treatment when you have a stable home, but when you’re left uncertain as to whether your home will even exist next year, it becomes less than an optimal situation.

Now, we have been told that they don’t want to compulsory purchase our block, and so there won’t be compensation if all goes to plan. However, they will want unlimited access, and will be taking over the entrances, car-parking space &c, and will turn the entire estate into a building site for 10-15 years, with most of the work being done overnight to minimise disruption to commuters. It’ll also increase stress levels and minimise sleep for the residents, but HS2… It has to be built or else um… well weeping and gnashing of teeth amongst the people who’d be getting handouts, no doubt.

The only thing we seem to have going for us right now is that our MP, Frank Dobson (Lab) appears to be just as against the project as the residents are, and for that I commend him, because the prospect of HS2 going ahead fills me with dread. Perhaps at least one section of the Commons is standing up for the people, because it seems that nobody else seems to be.