It would seem that we have a leaking boiler in the loft. Of course, due to it’s location, the first we knew of it was marks on the ceiling under it, but by then the case had filled up and pipes were damaged. It can all be fixed, of course, though at a not insignificant cost (ouch), but it does mean that we’re going to be without hot water until it is. What fun!

The plumber has gone off to get us a quote and a time, but to be fair, I doubt anything will happen before next week, so that’s a thing. Just another problem in a year made up of problems really, and another money sink to make sure we can’t afford anything nice. Oh well.

More when I know more, I suppose.


Well, it looks like the whole boiler will need replacing, which is bad, and they can likely do it tomorrow, which is good. It’s not likely to be cheap though… *sigh*