As most people who know me will be aware, I am a massive nerd. Most of you will probably be aware of what I’m about to write too, but I am certain that there will be some who are unaware of either or both of these things, and that is what makes this important. Up until recently, I was also unaware of some of this, which is probably my own fault for being so insular but that’s by the way.

So anyway, Ender’s Game is supposed to be the big movie of the next month or so, and based on a multiple award-winning novel and so on the face of it would be well worth the cost of the cinema, except for one thing, the author. You see, over the last decade or so, Orson Scott Card has been developing a reputation as something of a bigot.

For a start, he’s very outspoken on the subject of same-sex marriage. He seems not to approve of it very much, not even same-sex relationships of any kind, to the extent that he wants anti-gay laws on the books to be used whenever LGBT people get uppity and ask for absurd things like, you know, equal rights. He seems to think the term homophobe is a slur invented to insult opponents of the “homosexual activist agenda“, as he put it. I’m told, though have no reference, that he lobbied the US Congress with regard to the above. If it’s true, if any of the above is true, then his movie should be boycotted.

It would appear that he retracted many of his quotes earlier this year. Is he changed, or perhaps is he aware of the damage this could do to movie royalties? I have my opinion and I’ll let you make up your own.

Most of the above is taken from the wikipedia article and proper references are linked there as they would take too long to duplicate here.

You decide, but I’ll use the money I save on not seeing this to get premium seats for Gravity in the BFI IMAX instead.