Firstly I must apologise for the delay in this post. I had intended to re-watch on Sunday after Louise had gone home. However, partly due to Thursday evening’s events (that being my precious phone being stolen), I needed snuggles more than I needed followers, so you lot had to wait. Sorry, but them’s the breaks. Then I got up this morning and have been busy all day. It’s cool though, when I started, I could afford 5 off days, and I’ve used 2. I do however, have a mostly free week now, so I’ll do a couple of multi-episode days – actually, a few and build up a buffer against further delays.

Anyway, enough about me… I’m hoping this blogged re-watch will help me get back into regular blogging anyway so you lot’ll probably learn more than you want or need to about me soon enough anyway. On with the show…

The episode opens with the royal party arriving at King’s Landing. Eddard (Ned) and Jamie have a minor confrontation which shows each’s idea of the other. The council meets and we’re introduced to some of the sneakiest men in the kingdom. I’d try to define them in terms of black and white, except that this bunch are so grey that one doubts the existence of such things. They discuss a tournament to celebrate Ned’s arrival.

Cersei tends Joffrey’s “wounds”. She teaches him about redefining truth to suit himself. We also learn how the Lanisters feel about the Starks.

At breakfast, Ned brings Sansa a doll, after an incident with Arya. She’s about as appreciative as we’ve grown to think. Arya moreso later when Ned goes to discipline her. She shows him Needle and after some intimate chat about Sansa, Joffrey and Winter, he arranges for her to learn to use it properly.

Back at Winterfell, Bran annoys the old housekeeper, who tells him old stories of the White Walkers and of years long winters. Robb enters and ruins the moment, but talks to Bran, trying to get to the truth of what happened.

The scene flicks through time and space to Caitlyn arriving at the city. A guard takes her direct to one of Littlefinger’s brothels, ostensibly for safety, but he really screws up explaining. Varys meets them, and the mystery of the dragon-bone dagger is explained… Of course, to those in the know, the explanation makes no sense.

At Castle Black, the new recruits are training. Jon Snow impresses.

At the Red Keep in King’s Landing, Pycelle gives Ned a letter, and Littlefinger takes him to see Caitlyn. He’s not impressed by the locale.

Tyrion saves Jon from a slit throat at Castle Black, in a contrived scene about threats and implied strength. It probably works, but I find it weak compared to similar scenes elsewhere in the story.

More talk at the capital. between Net, Caitlyn (Cat) and Littlefinger, and then Cersei and Jamie. And then Cat goes home.

This is a confusing episode… it’s jumping around everywhere.

It switches to King Robert’s chambers where he’s drinking with the head of the kingsguard Barristan Selmy. They talk about their first kills. Unpleasant, but at least it’s not glorified. They tell it like it is, gory. He calls Jamie in, perhaps to give him a chance to join in, but mostly to taunt him. He gives a fairly good account of himself, all things considered.

Over the narrow sea on the Dothraki plains, Daenerys chats with Jorah Mormont about Dothraki customs. She stops the column and walks into the grass to be alone. Viserys follows and threatens her, but is disarmed by her bodyguards. It’s the first time Viserys is obviously in trouble, but he’s obviously not mature enough to realise. Daenerys sees someting in their future, and she’s not happy. Viserys gets to walk back.

At the wall, Jon takes the lift to the top. He goes to see Benjen before the latter goes ranging beyond the wall. He wants to go with him, but as Benjen says, he’s not ready. Below, Tiryon and some others are drinking and sharing stories. Tiryon makes a friend.

Daenerys is pregnant. Mormont and a Dothraki are comparing their weapons. They seemed happier before one of Daenerys’ maids tells them about the pregnancy.

Fighting at Castle Black! Ok, it’s just training, but… Tiryon speaks with Maester Aemon and the commander. They speak of white walkers and the need for more soldiers on the wall.

A few cut scenes occur to fill in characterisations, but little in the way of story. Tiryon prepares to leave The Wall and head south.

Back at King’s Landing, Arya meets her “dancing master”, Cyrio Fyrell for the first time. A master fencing instructor from Bravos who teaches her how to use her sword. She learns quickly!