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Jaded Vision

It would be easy to talk about Brexit or IoT as a reason to become cynical and jaded in the UK, but it wouldn’t be interesting, nor novel. There’s just way too much that’s already been said, and in any case it tends to polarise people into the pro- and anti- camps, and I don’t want to be walking that road this morning. Instead I will mention streaming video.


Learning a Craft

This week, Louise has been doing her best to addict me to the game of Minecraft. It started innocently enough of course, with her gifting me a licence key, and then inviting me into her world, where I am the novice of all novices. I proceeded of course to build my obsidian Evil Tower of Eviltude™ with attached Secret Underground Lair™ hidden beneath. (more…)

Weekend Reading

So this weekend we visited the lovely Katelyn in Reading, where much wine was consumed, home made pizza was made and eaten, and a whole lot of the Game of Thrones rewatch happened. So a big thanks to our hostess, who put up with my grumpiness and who fed us a lovely breakfast… We’re now almost home stopping for supper at Paddington.

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The Great GoT Rewatch 2014

Game of Thrones - Season 3
Game of Thrones – Season 3

By custom, just before the new season of “Game of Thrones” airs (this year will be season 4 and will broadcast in about 6 weeks time), I do a rewatch of the previous seasons. And today, in a reversal of my recent fortune my blu ray copy of season 3 arrived!  (more…)