The episode opens at the tournament grounds in King’s Landing. Ned and Barristan are visiting the body of Ser Hugh. As they walk away, they discuss old times.

Meanwhile, in the king’s tent, Lancel is struggling to fit King Robert into his armour, and failing. Ned and Barristan come in and speak with the king. He’s obviously way too fat for his armour and Lancel finds himself the butt of a joke about breastplate stretchers. Meanwhile, wine is consumed before they go to the stands.

As the tournament gets started, Arya’s gone missing, and Gregor is up first against Ser Loras Tyrell. There is talk of cheating as Gregor is unhorsed. Gregor kills his own horse in a fit of rage and attacks Loras. His brother, Sandor the Hound gets involved and they fight ’til the king tells them to stop. Gregor storms off.

On the road, Caitlyn’s party makes camp and she talks with Tiryon. They are heading for the Eyrie to see Caitlyn’s sister Lyssa. Suddenly they are attacked by bandits; an attack which they repel. Tiryon joins in and kills one bandit with a shield, something which later becomes the subject of a joke – but not yet. They pull themselves together and move on.

At Winterfell, Theon is practicing archery while Bran learns his history. He’s missing his mother and doesn’t want to study.

After a scene between Theon and Ros, and then one of Arya chasing cats, the scene flips to Ned and Varys speaking of honour and of treachery, of poison that is undetectable.

Arya runs into the dungeon to see dragon skulls. She overhears a conversation between Varys and Illyrio.

Later, in the throne room, Varys and Littlefinger have one of their chats. It seems half insults and half foreplay. You half expect them to fall into bed together. Of course, it’s likely that in that event, only one would wake up after. Prince Renly, (the king’s brother) enters and the scene ends.

Arya gets out and comes back via the main gate. She’s with her father when Yorren of the Night’s Watch arrives to speak to Ned about Benjen and tells him about Caitlyn taking Tiryon.

Ned is summoned to the council where the king is ranting about Daenerys. They argue!

At the Eyrie, Lyssa is angry with Caitlyn and wants to kill Tiryon out of hand. Lyssa is obviously insane, and breast-feeding a 10 year old boy. It ends with Tiryon being thrown into the “Sky Cells” to wait. The camera pulls back and…

At King’s Landing, Loras is shaving Renly’s chest. Well I say shaving, but there’s very little to shave. Having said that, Loras is practically licking off what little hair there is. They are obviously in love, and I’d say they were cute if it wasn’t for the fact that Loras looks distinctly under age. They talk of fighting, of money, of King Robert…

Robert and Cersei chat too, about Viserys and the Dothraki, about the kingdom, about their marriage. They toast one another and the talk drifts back to the old days.

Littlefinger introduces Ned to another of the king’s bastards, the mother a prostitute in one of Littlefinger’s brothels. As they leave he’s confronted by Jamie about Tiryon. They fight during which Ned is wounded by a spear to the back of the leg and Jamie kills Jory. The episode ends.