As the episode starts, we see a soft focus of Ned, lying in bed recovering. The king and queen stand over him. Cersei is accusing, and Robert wants them to all make peace. He ends up hitting her, and she storms out.

Robert and Ned speak. Ned wants to return home, but the king wants him to stay on as Hand.

Meanwhile, across the sea Daenerys is holding one of the fossil eggs. She’s been heating them in a crucible over the last couple of episodes, keeping them warm as if they were viable, and oddly, unlike her slave girl, she doesn’t get burned by the fire.

At Winterfell, Bran is once more dreaming of the three-eye’d raven when he’s woken by Hodor with the new saddle. Robb and Theon take him riding, and discuss the murder of Jory. Suddenly, Robb notices Bran is missing.

Bran meanwhile is waylaid by three bandits, wildlings from beyond the wall. They are still arguing over what to do with him when Robb finds them. He’s killed one and caught another in seconds, but the third puts a knife to Bran’s throat forcing him to drop his sword. Theon shoots him!

Meanwhile, Tiryon is still locked up at the Eyrie. The gaoler threatens him every time he speaks up.

At King’s Landing, Arya continues her training but her heart is not in it today. She gets it in the end though.

Switching back to Vaes Dothrak, Daenerys is eating a horse’s heart. She kneels in the middle of a circle of chanting Dothraki. Viserys is doubtful and talks to Mormont. She succeeds though, and keeps it down. Drogo lifts her down.

Shortly after, Viserys tries to steal the eggs, but Mormont catches him, forcing him to leave them. They argue, but in the end Viserys leaves the eggs behind.

Tiryon tries to talk to Mord the gaoler, but he is a bit thick. He does however get an audience and trial. He confesses his “crimes” to Lyssa. It’s quite a humorous scene, if a little gross. He denies however, having anything to do with the attempt on Bran’s life. The Moon Door opens, and a trial by combat ensues. Tiryon names Jamie as his champion, but is denied. Eventually, the sellsword Bronn volunteers.

The scene switches to King Robert’s hunting party in a forest. They are talking about women they’ve had in the past. Renly is not having it though.

Back in the castle, Ned is listening to a villager telling of raiders. It turns out that Ser Gregor has turned rogue. Ned strips Gregor of his titles, and tells Ser Beric to hunt him down. Calling Tywin Lannister to answer for his lackey’s crimes.

Back at the Eyrie, the combat starts. A knight in full armour with shield and sword, against Bronn in leather. The crowd taunts Bronn, calling him coward as he backs away, tiring his opponent. He finally slices his hamstrings, bringing him to the ground before killing him and pushing him out through the Moon Door. Tiryon pays Mord his bribe, then leaves with Bronn.

In King’s Landing, Sansa speaks with the septa. Joffrey arrives with a gift for her – a necklace.

On the road, Theon meets Ros as she leaves to travel south.

Later, Ned makes to send Arya and Sansa home. Sansa’s whining gives Ned the insight he needs to realise the truth about Joffrey, and so he checks the book one more time to confirm his suspicion.

There is a feast at Vaes Dothrak to celebrate. Viserys comes in angry, not having been invited. He seems drunk and makes a nuisance of himself. He’s told to go to the back, and draws his sword, a capital crime in the city. Viserys makes demands, he wants what is bargained for – a crown. Drogo agrees, and offers him a golden crown.

He then has Viserys held down while he melts down his gold belt over the cooking fire., and as the episode draws to an end, pours the molten metal over Viserys head.