And we open on Arya at fencing pracice, though quickly switch between that and the real battle outside, and Sansa and the septa trying to avoid it. Some soldiers approach and the septa is arrested… 

And back with Arya the lesson continues as her fencing master tries to drum into her the idea that you often don’t get to choose when to fight. When suddenly, Lannister soldiers enter to fetch her, and a fight ensues between them and Cyrio, the fencing master. He with a wooden training sword, and they with broadswords as Arya runs. Eventually he’s overcome, but he takes an admirable number of armoured men with him.

Sandor the Hound meets Sansa, saying the queen sent for her, while Arya finds her cases and her sword. A stable boy attacks her and she proves she really has learned something when she kills him.

Varys visits Ned in the dungeons, but Ned is unhappy with him. They talk and Varys leaves.

At The Wall, some bodies are brought in, one minus a hand.  Oddly, the corpses have not began to decay, something that worries the Night’s Watch. Back in his office, having read a message from King’s Landing, the commander summons Jon with news of his father’s arrest for treason.

At King’s Landing, Sansa feels she’s on trial as the daughter of a traitor. She’s asked to disavow her father, and accuse him. They’ll kill him if she doesn’t obey. At Winterfell, Robb, the new Lord Stark calls in his banners and armies. He declares war. Ravens by the score are released from the castle. Catelyn is angry at her sister for not informing her. Lyssa refuses the call of her Lord because she fears retaliation.

Meanwhile, on the road, Tyrion and Bronn are ambushed by the hill tribes, but manage to recruit them to their side – which makes the rest of their journey significantly safer.

At The Wall, Jon gets into a fight and is confined to quarters. Ghost, his wolf alerts him to something outside, and he (against orders) goes to investigate at the commander’s quarters. Suddenly he’s attacked by a wight, and is eventually able to beat it by throwing a burning lantern at it, burning the body.

Across the sea, the Dothraki raid a village for slaves to sell for ships. Daenerys intervenes to save some women from rape… too late for some of them, and comes into conflict with the leaders of the column. Drogo backs her, and gets into a fight with one of his advisors. He wins, but is injured in the contest. A wise woman from among the slaves offers to help him, cleans the wound and makes a poultice for him.

At Winterfell, a war council is in progress. GreatJon Umber threatens to leave if he doesn’t have command. Robb’s wolf Grey Wind,  takes two of his fingers as hostage. Later he explains to Bran that they are marching south, and leaves him in charge of the castle. Rickon is outside, and listening. Outside later, Bran is praying, and speaks with the wildling girl Osha, when Hodor arrives naked. Osha thinks he’s part giant, and they tell him to go get dressed.

At The Wall, the Night’s Watch burn the rest of the corpses to prevent them coming back and Sam tells them of the White Walkers.

Catelyn arrives at Robb’s camp and the two talk.  Meanwhile Tyrion arrives at Tywin’s camp. Kevan greets him, and they talk of Robbs Army and plans. The Hill tribes say they’ll fight if Tyrion fights too.

A Lannister spy is caught at the Stark camp. counting numbers of troops. After an argument, Robb lets him go with his erroneous information.

In King’s Landing, Joffrey gives out new titles. He makes Tywin to be Hand, and forcibly retires Ser Barristan. Sansa pleads for mercy for her father. Joffrey agrees to be merciful if he confesses, and the episode ends.