It’s been a while since I’ve written about anything other than Minecraft – which is itself a mystery since I consider it extremely flawed, and so it’s about time I did. And so I’ll start off with lunch, for no other reason than food porn. It consists of a salmon fillet from The Saucy Fish Co., grilled and served with chilli, lime and ginger sauce, a Sainsbury’s salad, and a glass of Californian Sauvignon Blanc (also from Sainsbury’s).

Also today, my Google Chromecast dongle arrived, and I’m testing it now.  It’s a real shame it works with Netflix but not Amazon Instant Video/LoveFilm because that’s what I have.  Maybe getting t’other will be worthwhile too, but we shall see.  It works beautifully from my tablet (probably equally so from my phone, though I’ve not tried yet), but less so from my PC. This is because tabcasting seems to rely on the cast tab (if a full screened popout) being in focus.  If I switch out, I get the web page with the video in a tiny window.  Perhaps there will be fixes for this.  On the other hand, those websites with a cast option work fine.  Let’s hope that now it’s in full release, there’ll be more services supporting it.  For instance BBC iPlayer supports it on the tablet but not on the PC. We’ll see.

In other news, Mozilla have elected a CEO who’s opposed to equal marriage, and so in my tiny way, I am boycotting. I’d already switched to Chrome as my browser of choice over the über-bloated Firefox, but today I disabled Thunderbird too as my main email client, and some people noticed typos as I was setting up another. This is a shame, since there’s nothing on the market (for Windows at least)  that comes close to Thunderbird’s functionality. I’m currently using Windows Live email as a temporary fix. If someone can recommend me something that can replace Thunderbird, then please do.

Louise has booked our holiday (or at least the transportation for it) for a weekend in June.  A weekend in Paris. More details once accommodation is finalised.


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