So it was quite a low weekend, which was nobody’s fault. I think Louise spent more effort on trying to cheer me up and keep me entertained than she has in a long time, but without I am afraid, a lot of success. Such it is when depression hits me. Motivation was on holiday or something; nothing was entertaining enough, I was bored, was sick of everything and couldn’t find anything that I wanted to do. Neither movies nor games helped, nor even the nice lunch we had on Sunday.

At least on Friday, as I wrote previously, I managed to reach max level in Ingress. The fight for more advancement points is now in the past, and I can concentrate on helping lower level players… and annoying smurfs of course, but that’s another story.

Saturday, we were supposed to go out in the evening, but neither of us could get ourselves moving in the end and we stayed in with some wine, and a movie, part one of Lord of The Rings.

We watched part one of The Hobbit again and part two of Lord of The Rings on Sunday after lunch, though I don’t think either of us saw all of them. Hopefully I’ll be more alive by next time Louise is around. I hate being like that, but well, you know…With a bit of luck tonight’s game will help.

Anyway, the job interview didn’t happen. I’m waiting to hear from another agent, but nothing there, and I applied for twenty or thirty jobs this morning. You never know I guess, one of them may happen.

Meanwhile I still have to go to this training course on Wednesday. I’ll get to learn how to create a letter in MS Word, perhaps even a CV too, and if I am lucky, I’ll get my first experience of Windows XP (well my first in about three years, but who’s counting). I suspect the only thing I’ll learn is patience as my brain is forced into a sense of ennui that would make a philosopher cringe.

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