I was up with the lark this morning, or possibly even before it since Louise woke me, so that I’d be ready for this training course that Reed had organised. I got up, made coffee, showered, dressed and made-up by about 8:00. I looked good too, I think, and was out of the door by 8:30 to catch the 253 northbound. As I reached the bus stop, I notices the “Stop not in use” sign, and turned to go to the next nearest stop, to see the bus drift slowly past me. At least it wasn’t raining.

I got to Reed in North Road in plenty of time, signed in and sat down with the other students to wait. The tutors were late. Coffee and tea were conspicuous by their absence, at least for us. A health and safety issue apparently, although half-asleep staff wandered like zombies through the office clutching their mugs of caffeine. People chatted and the usual, and then finally, they arrived, passed round a form to sign to say we’d attended, and then left, presumably to get coffee.

Once into the training room and set up, it took them about 5 minutes to realise the class wasn’t suitable for me. The lead tutor had realised this before, he told me, and had tried to call me yesterday to discuss it. I asked when, and we worked out that it was while I was in the job centre. It didn’t matter, I’d still have had to come in. Anyway, he spoke to my advisor – or rather to her boss since she was away on holiday – and they agreed that putting me in that class was wasting everyone’s time. They then sent me home. They didn’t bother to cover my bus fare, so as is usual with Reed, it cost me for them to do nothing to help me find work.

Coming home, I got rained on.

So now I’m home, and the next step is to get myself another coffee. Then I should call Training Link and let them know I can be there tomorrow for the class. You know, the one I help teach, that the one Reed sent me on is a pre-requisite for. How did they not see the irony?

Tonight I have a meetup group town. At least that’ll be fun.

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