Yes, a new world record for sticking to a New Year resolution, not including 1920×1080 of course, this year of 6 whole days! I had decided to be more upbeat this year but circumstances have contrived to ruin it for me.

On Saturday, I was expecting a delivery. It was nothing big nor to be honest, all that important, but it didn’t arrive. The first I learned of this fact was in the evening when I checked it to find they had “tried to deliver“. I put this in quotes of course because the only time I went out was about 6pm to the supermarket for food, which took about 10 minutes. The delivery attempt was 5:30, before I went out. In any case they said they’d redeliver today, so not an issue.

Yesterday we were late organising food so Louise and I decided on Fish and Chips which we therefore ordered. A few minutes later, we got a call to say they were out of fish, but we could have chicken, which was fine. What arrived however was not chicken and chips. There were a few cubes of chicken with some rice, and salad from a kebab counter. It was tasty and all, but not even remotely what was ordered. So much for 5 stars on Hungry House.

So today, I have a meetup to be at by 6pm. However, I am still in the flat at 7pm as the delivery has once again failed to arrive. According to the web site, it’s “Out for Delivery“, which apparently means they gave it to someone to drop off on their way home some time, if it’s not too much trouble. It’s not as if there’s anyone waiting in for it after all.

So yeah, it’s back to being the grumpy old me whom you all love.

Edit: The stuff just arrived, at about 7:40pm. Too late to get to my meetup, but at least I am no longer waiting.  People please, don’t use the likes of Hermes or Yodel. They are worse than useless!