Breakfast of champions

    So breakfast today and was a toasted muffin (English, or as I prefer Socialist, un-American) cut in half, one half buttered with a rasher of grilled bacon, and the other with some softened Bavarian smoked cheese, then topped with an egg poached with Encona hot chilli sauce, then mayonnaise and a liberal dose of fresh ground black pepper.

    Served with a big mug of Kenyan coffee from the Aeropress, and similar of Kenyan tea for the Loufing.

    There would be pictures, but for some reason, it disappeared rather quickly.

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    A Time of Guests

    So, this weekend, we will have a houseful! Due to a misunderstanding, we have two guests this weekend where we were expecting just one. The other was meant to be next week, and so I’ve been rushing around trying to organise the flat to accommodate them. Read more…

    Celebratory Post-Op Feast

    Week one of my release. It’s Friday and I thought a feast was in order. Nothing too expensive but tasty… And so I decided on tuna. We got a couple of thick juicy steaks, an Italian style salad and some chips (that’s French fried potato to the yanks, not crisps) and while Louise kindly cooked the fish for about 4 minutes, I opened a bottle of Prosecco.

    We followed this with mince pies (not allowed by law in England at Christmas) and some apple wood smoked cheddar. There’s some Sauvignon Blanc to finish off… Yum!

    A Festival of Beer (Day 2)

    Today’s excursion started out with a Schneider Weiss (Tap 4) and oddly, the same base camp as yesterday. However, today I has a Loufing with me, who’s starting out with a Spezial Hell. Unfortunately though, the F key on my keyboard is broken, so this could (read will) make life a bit awkward later.

    After wandering around with some burgers, of which mine was Ostrich, and Loufing’s was Kangaroo, we found some more beer.  I had Ballard’s Wassail and Lou had a Dorking Gold which she found rather bland. Lou wanted something from the Chilterns though so a Chiltern White was her next, while I, after a couple of false starts I got a Rebellion Silly Point. A rather ordinary, though perfectly drinkable tipple.

    Following this, I tried both a Captain Gingerbread from Geeves and an Opat Apricot which was gorgeous… These were a little rushed as we were heading home, and hence a short post…

    However, more to come.