So, this weekend, we will have a houseful! Due to a misunderstanding, we have two guests this weekend where we were expecting just one. The other was meant to be next week, and so I’ve been rushing around trying to organise the flat to accommodate them.

Anyway, it means I’ve been busy, but at least our living room and kitchen are looking nicer than they have since we moved in. We’ve even made progress on the spare bedroom, enough at least to fit a body on an air mattress in relative comfort – the other can have the living room. Unfortunately, it does mean that the main bedroom is a bit cramped with boxes and things waiting to be put away. It’s our own fault of course, we’ve been here 6 or 7 weeks and so it should have been done long ago. We’re just lazy.

Still, it’ll be good to have the company. We’ve not had our house-warming yet, nor indeed any guests beyond post people and delivery services. The plan is to get plenty of booze, some cheese and cold meats &c to nibble on, and see what the evening brings. Tomorrow I can make us a chilli or something. I just can’t help feeling that I’ve forgotten something. No idea what, of course.

Additionally, it all means I won’t be at Pride London this weekend. Not that I really wanted to go anyway, but this kinda seals it. Never mind, I prefer to have just a few friends and stay local.