I am annoyed, nay angry. In fact, I might even go so far as to say I was starting to get a little miffed!

You see, as part of an ongoing course of treatment with the NHS, I get an injection once every 12 weeks. It stabilises hormone levels among other things and stops me turning into a cross between a rage-monster and a weeping ball of uselessness. It pretty much enables me to function as an approximation of a human being. Or at least, that’s the plan.

The last injection was a problem. The prescription wasn’t ready at the surgery and took more than a week to appear. Of course the pharmacy had to order it, but that’s normal and it takes just a day or two. The worst was the appointment with the nurse to get it, well, administered. It took more than a month. So, that leaves the injection being done about 6 or 7 weeks late, and remember this is an every 12 weeks medicine here. There is a walk-in centre they suggest I go to, but they won’t even look at me without a letter from the surgery, which… well they don’t refuse to give, they just say they will and then it never arrives. Never!

Well, because of this massive delay, the injection appointment was supposed to be today at 9:30. At 9:25, while I was on my way to the surgery, I got a call to tell me it was cancelled! I now have to call back in the morning to re-book my appointment. Note that if I cancelled an appointment 5 minutes before, then there’d be hell to pay.

This is not the first time they’ve done this to me.

And so, I am less than happy with them. Slightly miffed, as I said.


Edit: A reader has advised me to go to A&E¹ to get it done, who will then of course bill the surgery. I’m considering this, but I have been brought up to think of A&E¹ as for accidents and life threatening emergencies rather than to take the weight off GP²s. I guess I’m behind the times.


¹ Accident and Emergency, what our USian cousins would call ER.
² General Practitioner, doctor’s practice.

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  1. I would complain to the practice manager and think about changing surgery if I were you. I have a similar issue with the surgery I am with. the Doctors are great but the process of getting an appointment and the admin staff as bloody terrible.

    • Actually, following Louise’s comment above, I have been looking at other surgeries in the area, and the reviews say they are all bad. Still, this one has gone from being one of the best a year or so ago to being the worst now.

      They are short of staff, and I assume, tight on money, but that shouldn’t excuse the rudeness and incompetence that has become the norm there.

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