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The Great Adventure – Part 9 (Epilogue: V+8)

It’s good to be home, that’s for sure! Though life is still unsettled for the moment. They finally let me out about 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon, and Louise brought me home on the underground, and then bought me pizza for lunch, my first in more than a week… Continue reading “The Great Adventure – Part 9 (Epilogue: V+8)”

The Great Adventure – Part 5

Tuesday night. I’m listening to an audiobook recording of Pratchett and Baxter’s The Long Earth. I’ve just had the last of the canullas removed from my hand. I came out of surgery about lunchtime yesterday and since then, been spending time between sleeping and suffering with a headache.

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The Great Adventure – Part 3 (V minus 30 mins)

Due to circumstances beyond our control, suspected to be due to complications in an earlier use of the facility, the mission has been scrubbed at V minus 30 minutes. The next launch window is on two weeks time on December 1st.

This report will continue at that time. For now all systems have been returned to a holding facility in East London.