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As some of you may know, I spend a lot of time on my own. I don’t work, and am not really fit enough to get very far on my own. Louise does what she can for me, but she can’t be around all the time and so I need to entertain myself most of the time. I mean I could spend my life on a sofa watching Netflix or Amazon, but that wouldn’t really help.


Summer Holiday 2019 – Part the Sixth

Schloß Drachenburg

A few km south of Köln, lies Königswinter, and up a hill, reached by funicular railway, is Schlöß Drachenburg, a castle which is not a castle, a folly, containing fireplaces which are not fireplaces (central heating) and a pipe organ that’s not a pipe organ (tape recorder).


Summer Holiday 2019 – Part the Fourth

Schlöß Brühl

The day started with the search for breakfast. We failed. Settling for caffeinated hot beverages we headed to the station and out to Brühl to see the palaces. It was hot, the train was horribly crowded and we arrived just as the palaces were closing for lunch.


Summer Holiday 2019 – Part the Third

Farewell Bruxelles

We got up fairly early in order to get ourselves sorted for the onward journey, though check-out was not until 11, and after packing, got some breakfast in a café. It was time to bid a fond farewell to the little city. We’d had fun, but were glad to be on our way.


Summer Holiday 2019 – Part the Second

Porcelain Vegetables

Grand Place

Day two started with the noise in the street, which was annnoying. It led to a shower, which was not. Coffee was found externally, which was good and we set out. The weather was warm, the people were (reasonably) friendly and the museum fees were, as expected, extortionate.


Summer Holiday 2019 – Part the First


Please be aware there will be mention of alcohol later in this post, though not extensive. Should that be a problem, I suggest care while reading.

We left a rainy home at about nine in the morning. Well, to be fair the rain had stopped so we didn’t have to lug cases in the wet, but it was still in the air and well, hot and muggy. Luck held though as the taxi met the train with about three minutes to spare and we were aboard before the rain came back.


Planning for Bruxelles

Well, it’s that time of year again when we plan a trip abroad. This year, it’ll be Bruxelles and Köln by Eurostar. It might be the last time we get to visit Europe before the insanity of Brexit gets in the way and causes problems for everyone. I should say we’re lucky for the delays, or else there might already be visa checks and other such nonsense.


Berlin 2018: Day 4 – Auf Wiedersehen Berlin

After day 3 was cut short due to feet, it was hardly in doubt that day 4 would be any different. We slept in late and once up and dressed, we packed the remains of our stuff and checked out. The hotel has a place we could stash our luggage until it was time to go to the airport, and so… (more…)

Berlin 2018: Day 3 – Painful Feet

Lou's Posidon Adventure

After the first couple of days, Monday was always going to be a rest day with just a few short trips scheduled. It turned out to be even moreso than expected due to my dodgy feet and unfit, overweight self. (more…)

Berlin 2018: Day 1 – Arrival

Jewish Holocaust Memorial


A hard but fun day. Up at 2am to get to the airport in time – at least we had coffee before leaving. The roads were fairly clear, the airport queues were long. The flight (with easyJet) was crowded on a plane with seating designed for children, and the staff at Shöenfeld were far less efficient than I was led to believe. (more…)