Somehow Tuesday has almost gone before I find time to write anything this week! I have just been so busy that I’ve barely touched the ground during the day time, what with job searching and volunteering.

Anyway, this weekend I took part in an Elder Scrolls beta. Obviously I can’t tell you much about the game due to NDAs and the like, but I can tell you that it was a lot of fun and it felt like an Elder Scrolls game. I chose to play a similar character to the one I have in Skyrim, though skill trees were different (of course). I’m not sure yet whether or not I’d want to pay, but it certainly has potential, and I’m looking forward to more. Sorry, there are no pictures. It’s not allowed.

The thing that grieved me most was towards the end, I overheard some pvp-oriented players complaining that the game was to “care-bear” because pvp was (for now at least) segregated from pve. They essentially wanted to go beat on the pve players. I hope that Bethesda don’t cave in to them. There’s already too much of that in other games.

In other news, I’ve finished with the “Work Programme”, which I’ve spoken of before. It’s generally not up to much to be honest. Now I’ve had a few interviews with various Job Centre people, which when combined with the journey times for getting there and back have occupied quite a lot of my time this week. Still no sign of a job though, at least not one that pays me any money.