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A Tamriel Story

Giggles-at-Miscreants staggered across the marsh. She was half starved, not having eaten in days, and parched regardless of the marsh-water lying stagnant for miles in every direction. She dare not stop however, the sounds of dogs kand worse) in the distance, ever louder, always pursuing. Always one step behind…



It’s very windy outside today, at least from all the way up here it is, which has probably something to do with the Olympics and Mr Putin’s status as an impromptu gay icon. At least, that’s what I get from the still-running-after-a-month #ukipweather hash tag on twitter. But I digress, it’s windy and the wind is loud up here on the 19th floor, and the rain is ratting against the windows. I had coffee but it’s gone.

Beta Invite

Yesterday I got my beta invite for Elder Scrolls Online, and downloaded. It took a while! Today I plan to create a character and start looking around, get a feel for it &c. At least, once it comes back up, since after about 8 hours of downloading, now it’s closed for maintenance, oh well! In any case, it’s covered in NDAs so if I want to be able to play for real when it goes live then I won’t be able to say much – not even post screenshots (I assume because they don’t want the UI out in the wild), though I could point to what they have published on the website – but I’ll say what I can, even if it is vague.