Category: Kerbal Space Program

The Name of The Rover

Usually, when I build things in KSP, they are big. However with the latest version, ion drives are useful, at least for small craft and so I’ve been thinking about small probes, as you’ll have seen it my last post here, TinyProbe is Tiny. This time, I decided to build a rover. It’s small enough, 1x2m and 0.6t mass. The lander needs a lot of work to be small enough to be delivered with an ion drive ship, but that’s for later. (more…)

The Lander

I finally got round to building and testing my new Mün lander in KSP. I’d been thinking about it for a while (and to be honest, this test has given me plenty of ideas for an upgrade), and today I finally got round to testing it. It needs more fuel aboard, but I can work that against mass quite easily, and eject the external tanks once it leaves the Mün. It looked pretty good and worked rather well too. (more…)