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Close Encounters of the Kerbal Kind

2013-10-04 07.07.07
Last night, Louise brought a friend home for the weekend! His name is Jebediah, and he’s an astronaut…

Jebediah Kerman is the premier astronaut of the Kerbal Space Agency on the planet Kerbin, and is considered mad due to his all encompassing grin, even in the face of certain doom. This model was 3d printed about 3″ tall in sandstone, and looks truly amazing – except for the price, which is close to £50. And I get to have him on my desk for the weekend to help with my interplanetary (and other) endeavours.

Unfortunately, she’s taking him home on Monday.

Airships over Eve?

So today I decided to put an airship over another planet in KSP. I initially thought about Laythe, but eventually decided to send a probe to Eve because, well.. it’s (a) easier, and (b) I wanted to see if it would make returning easier.

As it happens, I landed it, and then took off and reached 25km (approx) before running out of lift from the air-bag. This was with the smallest one, so maybe a larger airship might go higher.  Something to attempt in the future.

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Anyway, it was fun, and I left the probe floating in the sea (no landing gear). The propulsion was manoeuvring thrusters, which in Eve’s atmosphere turned out to be sub-optimal, but one lives and learns.