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Finding a job in IT

I left university back in 1992 with an honours degree, perhaps not the best degree ever issued, but it was a degree in computing, and added to my A and O levels, I thought it’d stand me well for a lifetime career. I had used computers at home as a hobby, and enjoyed writing code and getting the various peripherals communicating. I’d started the degree knowing that there was a lot of money in IT. My job was going to be fun, and it would pay well too. Or so I thought. (more…)

Coffee and coding

There is always something truly special about that first coffee of the morning, and one of the few – and they are few – benefits of unemployment is to be able to enjoy it from my bed. It doesn’t quite make up for a day without work (or, if I am to be completely truthful, without pay – the work is just a means to an end), but it does mean at least that the day starts more pleasantly. Today is no different and I get to sign on at lunchtime.

Tuesday Blues

It’s signing on day today, which means that I have to set aside my search for employment in order to spend the morning documenting what I’ve been doing to find work. This will then be followed by a bus journey of 30-40 minutes each way, a queue in the job centre of maybe another 15-20 minutes, in order to wave some paper in front of the adviser, sign and date a form and leave. (more…)

Catching up…

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here so I suppose an update is well overdue. I had meant to write a few things last week, but for one reason or another, things started to get on top of me and blogging drifted slowly to the bottom of the list. Never a good thing really. Even so, it’s no excuse for absence. (more…)