Well something moved for sure, and I think it may have been me!

Actually, Louise got a new job a few weeks ago in the town of mumble-mumble, and we have found a flat nearby to move into. Because of this, the last few weeks have been rather hectic with moving us and furniture, and of course getting more!

This weekend has been spent assembling flat-pack! I feel like Shivvifing of Borg†, which considering we called the WiFi at our new place The Collective, seems pretty apt really. Friday was the dining set. The destructions said the table should take 2 men about 20 minutes, so as a woman, I did it on my own in about 10. It seemed about right. The chairs followed in similar haste, though I was more careful since they do need to take person-weights.

The rest of the weekend has been taken up with a wardrobe. This should have been quick too, but heavy! There was banging, screwing, screaming and all sorts of other things one would expect in a bedroom, and there’s still more to do. At least the frame is done. We’ve not even unpacked the doors yet!

Internet is on the low side of non-existent, so I’ve not been online a lot. I can play games when Louise is in work, but we don’t have enough concurrent bandwidth for both of us to play, nor even to watch a movie and play or download at the same time. it’s like being back in the 90s – almost steampunk!

Still, we’re getting there. The flat is lovely and we’re looking forward to inviting friends round for a house-warming in a few weeks time. Still much to do though!

† It didn’t all come from Ikea, but you know… it’s getting to be a thing, like Hoover for vacuum cleaners…