So, I’ve taken the opportunity to change the theme of this blog as well as the location now. I thought it fitting considering I’ve not written fr a while, and the old layout was starting to get stale. Let me know what you think!

Anyway we’re almost settled in our new home and living in domestic bliss. Of course, we’re still having to navigate piles of boxes while coming in or out and the spare-room is an adventure in itself, being full of boxes and cases of clothes, electronics, plushies and furniture waiting to be assembled. I’m half expecting to find Indiana Jones or Adèle Blanc-sec in there, hunting for curiosities and artefacts.

I have a lovely spot by the window for my PC, and once we have the place organised, will be getting a desk for Louise too, though a smaller mobile one since she uses a laptop, and is out most of the day anyway. The kitchen is a wonder and I love it! The living room is plenty big enough for us, and probably for more, and the bedrooms are cosy. There will be photos, but not until it’s all sorted out and looking awesome.

There’s a small balcony leading off the kitchen, which if we ever get a summer will need to coffee (and tea) al fresco in the mornings and late evenings with wine and fresh air, something that London wasn’t ideal for. We both want to get some hanging baskets and boxes so we can grow flowers and herbs out there, so that’ll be lovely once it’s done.