Everything is better with bacon

Frying off the meat in it's marinade.
Frying off the meat in it’s marinade.

The cool down sucks. Last evening I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was met in the hospital by Emma Rome and Louise Newberry, and we went to the local pub for a beer and some food. After a quite tasty meal, we headed off home, with Louise accompanying me.

Last evening, we had sandwiches, and the intention of wine, but after a glass, we were too exhausted for anything and so that failed. I didn’t even manage to stay awake for Gotham. Good thing it’ll be on again. Still, I had managed to get ingredients for food today.

So this morning after breakfast, I chopped and mixed up some red chilli, ginger, garlic, coriander, honey, mustard, tomato purée, white wine, apple juice and cognac and blended them into a rough paste. This was smeared over a 700g lump of gammon ham while more apple juice warmed up in the slow cooker. I fried off the gammon while Louise worked behind me dealing with dishes, and then de-glazed the mix with more apple juice.

Into the pot...
Into the pot…



All this is now in the slow cooker, where, in 4 or 5 hours it’ll be joined by some carrot and potato for the last hour or so of cooking.

The "Crock Pot" brand slow cooker.
The “Crock Pot” brand slow cooker.

The plan it to serve it with cider (or apple juice if we don’t feel like alcohol) and roast spuds on the side.



Edit: I’ve just added potatoes and carrots to the mix…

With veggies...
With veggies…


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