The year 2013 is fired! A quick look back through my recent posts shows that I have been moaning about something or other pretty much constantly. This is going to have to change, and to some extent, so will I. I need to lose weight, get a job, probably drink a bit less. I mean, it’s not like I wasn’t trying to do those things anyway, but it’s an ongoing chore, especially the job part. It really is a full time job, trying to find a job.

People I call friends have left town. Some I still speak to online or on the phone, but some seem to have vanished off the face of the earth. Some left because of family troubles, some for financial reasons, but for whatever the reason, they have gone. On the other hand, new people have moved into town and I have made new friends over the course of the year. This is good, but one can’t help but think of those who’ve gone.

I think contemplating the past year should be left for another time though. It’s not worth dwelling on.

And so begins another year, with its own hopes and dreams to follow. On tv, the new season of Sherlock starts tonight, which might be more awesome if there were fewer misogynistic dickwads involved in it, but which may still prove entertaining nonetheless. Game of Thrones will be back in March or April, which I’m seriously looking forward to, it being one of the finest things on the box of late. Of course, Doctor Who will be back, but I’m finding it more and more difficult to manage any enthusiasm about this. We have a new and talented Doctor of course, in Peter Capaldi, but I just know he’s going to be constrained and wedged into being the bigoted bully that Moffatt the Muppet seems to want to write. Stop changing the actors BBC, and try changing the writing team.

The Monday night games will pick up again next week, and I’ll be struggling to remember what my character was doing last. I’ll be honest, I’m not as enamoured of the game as I was at the beginning, but that could be for any number of reasons. I just hope that my enthusiasm improves.

Workwise, I need to check when the new term starts at Training Link. I think it’s on the 13th of January, but I need to confirm this. Another term of teaching MS Office, this time Excel. It’s simple stuff to be sure, but it keeps my mind on how these things work, even when I am not being paid to support them. At least nobody can say I don’t know Office. I still need to get my business/consultancy off the ground and get myself some contracts. I think I need to go through all my job site subscriptions and look at my search terms and alerts. Maybe aim more at contracts and less at perm roles. We shall see. It’s probably a good time for a CV update too, now I think of it.

But all this is for tomorrow. Today is the 1st of January 2014, New Years Day, and it’s a day to relax and have fun.

Happy New Year everyone.


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