So, I have not had the best of luck recently, as those of you who follow me regularly will be aware. What with late prescriptions, benefit issues and general bouts of depression adding to the general levity of joblessness that is my life. Now fortune appears to be reversing, at least for now.

I finally managed to get my injection this week, after more delays than is healthy, and I’m slowly coming back into some sort of hormonal balance. It was scary for a while, not knowing from moment to moment whether I was going to break down in tears or to turn into a giant green rage monster. I felt particularly useless, but am now calmer, and was able to actually cook proper food today.

On the subject of food, Louise and I had our $winter_festival† meal today. I cooked chicken in chestnut sauce, with roast and herb-steamed potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli, washed down with a glass or three of dry Prosecco. Louise paid for most of it and I cooked. It tasted pretty good too, if I am honest.

Also, I got two letters in the post this morning. The first told me that they’d sorted out my benefits problem and are not only continuing my payments, but are also backdating to the date they stopped, which is good. The other was from those lovely people at Imperial, inviting me to come to see the surgeons in March, which is even better.

So benefits, and a date to see the surgeons. This has to be good!


† Christmas, Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Yule or whatever else you wish to call it. You pay your religion and you take your choice.