So, planting season is upon us, at least for hardier plants and those to be grown indoors. As such, this years first planting of chillies went into a hydroponic propagator yesterday. Potting compost arrives later this week, and garlic should be into a regular propagator by the weekend.

There are no photos yet, of course, but I do plan to take some as the seeds germinate. The chillies this year are 4 Cayennes and 3 Orange Habañeros. More to be planted later, either in soil or hydroponically as time and space allows. Ironically, my 2 (or maybe 3) year old Carolina Reaper is still fruiting and has been all winter so far. Its in the conservatory so protected from the worst weather, but I am genuinely shocked it lasted.

The garlic will be the regular type. I wasn’t able to get seeds, so I’ll look at planting cloves from a shop bought specimen. It usually works. Then it’ll be time to get some kitchen herbs planted… Chives, corriander, thyme, parsley, sage… Will have to see.