So tired.

Last night, I made chilli. I used a packet mix (mostly) rather than my own recipe, and so didn’t think it would be particularly hot. However, having dived eagerly into it while I was carrying my plate, Louise informed me with a yelp that yes, it was indeed hot. At least hotter than expected.

Turned out that it was very hot. Enough to give me the itches all over in fact, which lead to scratching and indigestion and all those things. It led to a fairly sleepless night and this morning, a combination of both a painful belly (from the scratching) and tiredness. I took a photo of the belly scratches, but it doesn’t make pretty viewing so I’m not putting it here.

All this meant for a slow and uncomfortable day so far, involving more wine than I’d planned. Not completely unproductive I guess, but worse than usual. I’m planning to be out for drinks tonight too…


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