It’s funny how sometimes you can write daily as the ideas flow, and at other times, you’d love to write, but have nothing to say. I’m not one of the people who has an author’s mind. I can’t discipline myself to write a novella every time I set hand to keyboard, and I’m not knowledgeable enough about politics to write political rants and journals as some can. And so I’m left with just writing whatever comes into my head at the time, and hoping that someone finds it worth reading (or at least mildly entertaining).

And this week has been a quiet one after the celebrations of my birthday last week… I did get a new battery for my laptop, well for my elderly HP laptop that is, as I actually have two, but since the newer Alienware melted its CPU (or maybe the GPU, I still need to get that checked out), I’ve not used that for anything. On which point, if any of my local readers has the skill and equipment to do a full diagnostic test on it, then I’d be most grateful. I’m sure a shop would do it, but then they’d probably charge me an arm and a leg to test it, and then tell me I need to pay the best part of £1000 to get it repaired. I could do without that.

So anyway, Monday’s meal was awesome. We went to Kimchee and had Korean food. It’s becoming quite a regular visit these days.

Friday was an Ingress social at the Angelic in well… Angel. That was fun too, but due to bad weather and even worse planning, I got soaked! Oh well, people dry out fairly quickly, and it was warm in the flat.

I had Louise for the weekend, so I was rather cheered by that. We played games, watched movies … you know, the works…

Right now I am supposed to be at the training centre where I help out, but I’ve been stuck in all day waiting for deliveries. They’re on the van today, at least according to the tracking link, but will I see anything? On past experience, I’ll either get a card saying I was out, or with no notification (or parcel), the tracking will flip over to either “delivered” or “delivery failed”. It seems random, but I think out of the last dozen or so deliveries I’ve had (with any courier), only one has been delivered on time and without several calls to complain. We’ll see.

Oh, and I lost a filling yesterday while eating a Cadbury’s Eclair (Hazelnut). It was very nice, but why did it have to kill my tooth? Hopefully I’ll still be able to enjoy tonight’s meal. I think I’ll pack extra pain killers.