So this morning on waking, I learned that our balcony had an infestation of pigeon. I wasn’t initially too worried since

  • a) they can fly, and
  • b) it won’t stay long.

Of course, the next thing I learned was that it was stuck, and kept flying into the glass walls when trying to escape. All this from Louise, who was up before (or rather, quicker than) me.

So I went to see, and sure enough, there in the middle of the balcony was said pigeon. It’s wing beating had already broken the leaves of one of my garlic plants, so I was unpleased. However, since I didn’t want it causing more damage, nor leaving pigeon crap all over the floor, I chased it a bit, then caught it and lifted it over the edge. It immediately flew 45° down to the green outside. Typical pigeon, too fat to fly without a run-up.

Louise commented on it; I don’t remember exactly what, but it must have been something to do with intelligence since my response was of the lines of “If dodos were around today, they’d see pigeons and be wondering how those guys survive, being so incredibly stupid.”

Anyway, it’s gone, and with minimal fuss. But if it comes back, out come the cat ears.

I hope the garlic recovers.