One Tram

    Three for the Womble Kings under the common
    Seven for the Train Lords in their halls of CrossRail
    Nine for Train Drivers doomed to die
    One for Boris, on his dark throne
    In the land of Morden where the tramlink lies

    One Tram to rule them all
    One Tram to find them
    One Tram to bring them all
    And in South London bind them
    In the land of Morden where the tramlink lies.

    Happy Hogswatch

    Where has this year gone? It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating the turning of the year last time, and celebrating only a few weeks later, Louise’s birthday at Kimchee. Spring was, shall we say, nothing to write home about, summer seemed to rush by and saw us take a weekend to visit Paris and Versailles, and I’m not actually sure we had an Autumn this year as Summer seemed to last well into October and segued into Winter with barely a change… like setting a music player to cross fade while playing Holst’s “The Planets”. Read more…

    Your Plastic Pal Who’s Fun To Be With†

    There’s one thing that really defines post-operative life, it’s dilation. It’s uncomfortable, messy and way too frequent. It’s the first thing you think of in the morning, the last thing you think of at night and well, most of your day revolves around it for at least the first few months. For me, it’s been a couple of weeks since the operation, and a week since dilation began. I have plenty more time for this. So if you’re likely to be squicked out by biological descriptions, then I’d advise not reading further. It may be NSFW too, depending on what I decide to include. Read more…

    The Great Adventure – Part 3 (V minus 30 mins)

    Due to circumstances beyond our control, suspected to be due to complications in an earlier use of the facility, the mission has been scrubbed at V minus 30 minutes. The next launch window is on two weeks time on December 1st.

    This report will continue at that time. For now all systems have been returned to a holding facility in East London.

    The Great Adventure – Part 1

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    So it begins. It is a cold and foggy Sunday morning in East London, a day like any other in mid November, except that it is a day of change, or the start thereof at least. It’s a day of endings, the last day of a chapter of my life which has gone on now for a number of years. This afternoon, I will check into hospital for surgery, and by this time tomorrow, it should be all done, or at least close to. Read more…