Schlöß Brühl

The day started with the search for breakfast. We failed. Settling for caffeinated hot beverages we headed to the station and out to Brühl to see the palaces. It was hot, the train was horribly crowded and we arrived just as the palaces were closing for lunch.

We decanted to the bar for schnitzel and beer. It seemed the civilized thing to do after all, and passed a quiet hour or so in the sun.

Still, eventually all was open again and buying tickets waited for the tour. No photos allowed they said, and so there were none, which is a shame as the tour wasn’t exactly memorable without them, and the rooms were so pretty. I felt it time wasted because of this, and with my feet burning and legs aching, we came back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the evening.


As I write this, it’s 29°C, we’re outside the hotel bar with glasses of Kölsch bier. We’d fallen asleep when we got in, and a couple of hours passed. I think we needed it.