T minus 23


    Turbulent week is turbulent. I’ve looked at a load of flats over the last few days, trying to find something affordable. It’s not easy either. I think I’ve been everywhere, and seen all sorts and sizes of property, and met some really lovely people (and a cat).

    And I finally have a place, or will when we sign the contract and I get the keys on Friday afternoon. Then it’s just a matter of moving things, which will probably take at least a week, maybe two… And since it’s furnished and quite small, I’ll have to put some things in storage or at Louise’s place.

    Nevertheless, it’s a bright, clean room and I think I could be comfortable there. Now I just have to wait for Friday and get things moving.

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    1. Yay it somewhere you’re be safe though and I think you’re get along really well with your flatmate. Also it gives you breathing space to look for somewhere more permanent if you decide to move later.

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