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Tonight, while out at an Ingress event, I finally made Level 8! I wasn’t certain I’d do it, to be blunt. Recently, getting a GPS lock has been a real chore, with the scanner showing me moving while still and locked solidly in place while moving.  Added to this were the fact that I have spent about a fortnight with no in-game weapons and the inability to get more was making it look tough. And then, a most kind-hearted smurf called zedalphus blew up one of our portals not 40 metres from where I stood shivering in a bus shelter, allowing me to re-capture it and get my new level. Since this is about my most public channel, I’d like to thank zedalphus publicly here for his sterling work on behalf of the Enlightened. He (or she) has a truly green heart and should be granted Honorary Enlightened status.

As an aside, Agent GeekyLou was also able to get a new level and is (I believe), our newest level 7 agent at this time.

A fun evening was had by all, including at the Pizza Express where the food was wonderful, though not as spicy as I was hoping for, and the service was entertaining to say the least.In less fun news, changes to the security model on Facebook have led to me wanting less and less to do with it. Opening everyone up to search by anyone else is a stalker’s charter, and this combined with their stripping the ownership headers from uploaded media does not make me want anything to do with the platform, and as such, this will be the last blog post to be auto-posted to Facebook for a while, until things are settled.

On the other hand, an update to G+ T&Cs this morning does the reverse, giving us more control over how our media is used. Shame hangouts is so crap.

The recruitment agency from earlier posts failed to get back to me in the end. All I got from them was “we’re still waiting”, and “call us back if you’ve not heard by …”  They wanted interviews completed by yesterday and the role filled Monday. I can only assume that the phrase “You’re a shoe-in” means something different to them, possibly about arses and kicking, but certainly not anything to do with the likelihood of getting a job. Did I mention that I’m rather angry at this?

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