What an exciting morning!

Today was signing on day, and an early start, which would have been fine except that I couldn’t settle last night and hence had next to no good sleep. As a result, it was only by the power of Lavazza that I was even capable of getting out of the house.

On the way there, I narrowly avoided being hit by a cyclist. This is of course, nothing new. London cyclists tend to have no consideration at all for pedestrians. Anyway, this particular idiot was riding his Brompton across a pedestrian crossing near Marylebone directly into a crowd of people crossing the road the other way. He seemed rather put out that people wouldn’t clear the crossing for him.

So I signed on, then went to Morrison’s to do some shopping. It was starting to rain when I came out, and so in proper fashion, the bus driver kept her door closed and the passengers waiting outside in the rain while she chatted with a friend on her phone. Anyway, we eventually got back and I stepped off the bus at Mornington Crescent station straight into a (rather heavy) shower of hailstones. I took shelter in the bus stop, and then under the trees across from Greater London House, where I stopped to take this blurry yet amusing picture of the cats…

The Carreras Cats have brightened up for spring!
The Carreras Cats have brightened up for spring!

It would appear that they’ve been en-bright-ened!


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