As 2014 draws to an end, my thoughts turn to the new year, but also and perhaps more so, to the old year we’re just leaving. What have I achieved? What has changed in my life? All these things are important if I am to consider what changes to make for the new year. Or else, how am I to progress, time would repeat itself.

And so, well I finally had the surgery I’ve been waiting for — not that I had a great amount of control over that, but it’s done now and I’m recovering well from that. I failed to find a job, nothing new I suppose. I’ve managed to cut down on drinking quite a bit. I still drink too much, perhaps vastly so, but less than I did a year ago. I visited Paris and Versailles with the help of Louise, and I consume radio now, more than television for entertainment — at least live television, though I suppose the lack of anything worth watching helped with that. I watch Netflix, and sometimes BBC iPlayer with a Chromecast, but again less than before. But then, even Doctor Who has been disappointing this season. I’ve made and I’ve lost friends, and renewed a few lapsing friendships. I’ve even moved home.

And so to today, New Year’s Eve. Something of a party tonight, though not much since I’m still not up to a big event. Louise, friends, some booze, games and videos. Maybe a late night to see out the year, and then…

A brand new year, AD 2015. Hope for the future, and just maybe, big changes, it being an election year and all. Things could get a lot better, or worse. Most likely of course is that nothing will change. All the major parties are pretty much identical right now, being somewhere to the right of Thatcher.

And so to me. How will I use this new year, this new opportunity to change my life? It takes a lot of thinking, and perhaps more than I am ready to do this morning to be honest. But let’s see anyway…

  • I should strive to be a better person.
    This is easy to say of course, but how? Be nicer, sure… Perhaps take some courses, things like that.
  • I want to learn more about politics.
    I’m not going to become a politician or run for parliament or anything, or at least that’s not my plan. But with the election coming up, it’d be helpful to know more about what the parties are promising this time round, and what their reputation is like.
  • I want a job.
    Not easy, and I’ve been trying for ever, it seems, but here it is…
  • I want to lose (more) weight and get into a size 12¹ or maybe even a 10 by summer.
  • I want to read more.
  • I want to eat better and cut down more on alcohol.

And that’s it for now. I’m sure there will (or should) be more. I’ve probably even forgotten a few things I was considering while in the shower earlier. Maybe I could write a book, or publish a ‘zine or something. I don’t know, but there are options. In any case, we have a chance for a fresh start going into the new year, and even though it’s a purely social construct, we should use it to try to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

Happy New Year everyone!

¹ That’s UK size by the way, for anyone who’s unsure.

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  1. So many calories in alcohol, cutting down on that alone will help.

    I was out of work for two years and it’s maddening, so my heart is with you. The thing about such a situation is it’s like walking into a room and a light goes on when you finally get a job. Best wishes for the new year from me to you!

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