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Celebratory Post-Op Feast

Week one of my release. It’s Friday and I thought a feast was in order. Nothing too expensive but tasty… And so I decided on tuna. We got a couple of thick juicy steaks, an Italian style salad and some chips (that’s French fried potato to the yanks, not crisps) and while Louise kindly cooked the fish for about 4 minutes, I opened a bottle of Prosecco.

We followed this with mince pies (not allowed by law in England at Christmas) and some apple wood smoked cheddar. There’s some Sauvignon Blanc to finish off… Yum!

The Great Adventure – Part 9 (Epilogue: V+8)

It’s good to be home, that’s for sure! Though life is still unsettled for the moment. They finally let me out about 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon, and Louise brought me home on the underground, and then bought me pizza for lunch, my first in more than a week… Continue reading “The Great Adventure – Part 9 (Epilogue: V+8)”