The crowd cheers, Arya is called “boy” and pulled close to the watchman. He takes her away and cuts off her hair, telling her they are going north…

Bran dreams of the three eye’d crow again, then tells it to Osha. They head into the crypt where he introduces her to the tombs of his ancestors. Suddenly there is a noise, and they hear Rickon and his wolf Shaggy Dog. Rickon claims his father is there, and he saw him last night in a dream. As they come out, Maester Lewin has a message about Ned’s death.

At Robb’s camp, Catelyn walks into the woods to be alone with her grief. Robb meanwhile, is taking it out on an innocent tree. She holds him, and together they vow revenge.

Back at King’s Landing, a minstrel is singing for Joffrey. It’s a song about how Cersei was the real killer of King Robert. Joffrey gives him the choice to keep either his fingers or tongue, and has his tongue ripped out in the hall. He leaves, asking Sansa to go with him, but all he wants is to gloat. He makes her look at her father’s head, on a spike over the city wall and in the process ensures her emnity for ever.

At Robb’s war council they are discussing whether to side with Renly or with Stannis, when GreatJohn gets up and says they should return to the old ways, and declares Robb to be “The King In The North”. They all pledge fealty.

Catelyn goes to see Jaime. “It’s going to be a long war”, he says.

At King’s Landing, Cersei is with Lancel. In Tywin’s camp, they learn of Jaime’s capture. Tyrion sums up the situation, and Tywin dismisses the others. He comes to realise that Tyrion is more observant than he thought. Tywin will go to Harranhall, Clegane will burn the country, and Tyrion will go to the capital to rule as Hand, without Shea.

Mormont watches over a sleeping Daenerys. She wakes slowly asking for her son, and Mormont tells her he was still born, as a twisted monster, blind with scales and bat wings — the real death to pay for Drogo’s life. She demands to see Drogo, and as they walk, she sees the column is gone, and they are alone. Drogo is a vegetable. Alive, but little else.

The wise woman talks to Daenerys, tells her how wonderful her rescue was. Because, what is life worth, when there is nothing else?

At The Wall, Jon prepares to leave, to ride south to meet his brother. Sam tries to stop him, telling him he’ll be killed for desertion, and fails.

Tyrion explains to Shea that he can’t take her to court, but that he plans to take her anyway.

Sam and a few of the lads intercept Jon, and invoking the oath they all took together, get him to go back to the wall before he’s officially caught, saving his life.

Daenerys tends to a catatonic Drogo. She tries to wake him, to no avail.

Pycell lectures Ros at Kings Landing about kings, though he’s mostly talking nonsense. Ros has a cute bum though! Pycell senses “true greatness” for Joffrey. She leaves, and then he does, suddenly becoming a cripple again as he goes out the door.

Littlefinger and Varys spar verbally in the throne room. Varys has the upper hand of course, taunting Littlefinger about his fear of his “gash”.Outside, Arya becomes ‘Arry ready for a trip north. She’s almost instantly picked on by bigger boys, causing her to draw Needle, until Gendry (the blacksmith’s apprentice and King Robert’s son) intervenes on her behalf. The group moves out, a cage-waggon behind with three prisoners.

At The Wall, the commander implies to jon that he knew of his late night ride. He tells him of news from beyond The Wall, and discoveries of more wights and other undead. He tells him they ride out in the morning, and Jon is to aquire for the commander.

As they ride out through the tunnel, the scene changes.

On a pyre, Drogo sleeps. Daenerys watches, and orders the dragon eggs put on the pyre with him. Mormont tries to stop her joining him in death, and she asks him “is that what you fear?” and tells all around they are her people now. Slaves are freed. All are equal now in her khalisar, her column. She orders the wise woman who did this to Drogo bound to the pyre.

Daenerys declares herself the Dragon’s Daughter, and taking a torch, ignites the pyre for her husband. She watches a while waiting, and then, with her people around her, as the wise woman dies, she walks into the flames, to the centre of the fire.

In the morning, the fire has burned out, all is ash, but in the centre, her clothes (but not her hair as in the book) burned away sits Daenerys, unharmed. About her, and suckling are three baby dragons. The people all bow before her, the Mother of Dragons.

The camera pulls back, a dragon screeches, and the episode… and series ends.

Next time we start on season two; “A Clash of Kings”.