And so ends season one. The first book in an epic saga called “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

We saw a murder at the beginning. The king rides north to recruit his friend as Hand. The queen and her twin brother try to kill the new hand’s son when he sees them fucking.

A man goes to the Wall, The king goes home, and on the journey, a butcher’s son is killed. At the capital, there is intrigue, while across the sea, a teenage girl is sold to the leader of a barbarian tribe.

The hand investigates the murders, his wife finds out about their son’s near killing and investigates that. There is friction between two noble houses.

The king is killed in an “accident” while hunting, the man at the wall gains respect, and the barbarians go home.

In accordance with the late king’s will, the hand tries to deal with the succession, but is accused of treason. A fool is killed across the sea (and not the first), a girl becomes a queen.

The hands youngest daughter learns to fight, just in time. A war begins. The hand is executed for treason and a barbarian leader dies.

A child goes north, the tide of war changes. A fire is lit and a queen becomes a goddess.

There’s a lot more in this season, both exciting and sometimes heartrending. It’s very good. Very, very good, and it only gets better with season two “A Clash of Kings”. People complained when Ned Stark (the hand), played by Sean Bean was executed, because you can’t just kill off primary characters like that…

Those people have another seven books to learn what one can or cannot do.