This year, Louise and I are going to spend some time in Berlin. I’ve never been before (though Louise has), and it’s been several years since I’ve been out of the UK. The last was a weekend in Paris in 2014, so it’s about time.

So this is a present for my 50th birthday, and I’m rather looking forward to it, with the exception of the travel time. We have to be at the airport before 5am and it’s a 90 minute journey there. Not looking forward to getting up that morning! I expect we’ll spend the day before in bed.

We’re nowhere near ready yet of course. We have luggage, passports, tickets and the like, but we still have to make sure laundry is done, we have to pack and make sure we don’t forget anything. There’s a whole lot of tasks, the first of which is working out what they all are. At least the cameras are all ready to go – though I should check the charge on the battery packs – and we don’t go anywhere without computer gear, so expect there to be plenty of photos here during the time we’re there.

Of course, my life being what it is, I got some kind of dental infection, so I’m on antibiotics for the next week. They’ll be finished by the time we fly out, but it’s not going to be fun, especially since I can’t drink alcohol at all until 48 hours after I take the last pill. Yay!