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Birthday meals and Blu Rays

Lamb and Vegetables
Lamb and Vegetables

Today is a friend’s birthday. If you share this friend, you’ll know this already of course (probably), though since she doesn’t share the information on the Book of Faces, I’ll not reveal her identity publicly here either, though initials are “ER”. Nevertheless, she has a day off work and is coming to visit. Later there will be food, drink and potentially wildness. Mutual friends in the area are welcome to come and share a glass or three of something celebratory in her honour, but I think we’re out of spaces for food.

Food, as it happens will be a mildly spiced dish of lamb, slow roasted with mediterranean vegetables and served with couscous and wine from the region, though let’s be honest, any good red wine is going to work here, so we’ll see what we can find. There’s a Morrisons up the road in Chalk Farm, and a Majestic just across the road from it if we get stuck. As to the rest, movies and/or music are a possibility!

The other thing on my mind to do soon is “The Great Game Of Thrones Rewatch 2014”. In previous years, I have watched the story from episode 1.01 until the most recent in advance of the new season starting. This year, as ’twill be season 4, that means I have 30 hour long episodes to watch, and perhaps blog or tweet about before that happens on or about the 7th of April. That’s just 6 weeks or so away so I’ll have to start soon. It also means I need to get my finger pulled out to order the Season 3 Blu Ray set… Of course, there are plenty of other things I want to get and watch, but until I get a job, then I’m limited to what’s reduced or on offer. Still, that’s what wish lists are for, right?

Birthday Weekend – Part 2

It’s been fun so far, at least mostly. I’ve had Louise with me all weekend and she’s been wonderful.

We started Friday evening in the Euston Tap with drinks. In the end only 5 people showed up but was fun nevertheless. Most of us are also Ingress players so we claimed the local portal for the evening. Entertainment was provided by a high level Resistance player who goes by the handle LeJean, who tried (and at one point almost succeeded) to take it – though we did have a secret weapon in reserve, and later by a newer player Londonlime, who made a much briefer effort. Thanks to Geekylou and AgroKK for the defence. (more…)